Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Contest: Opportunity to Sing at Fenway Park and to sing National Anthem at a Lowell Spinners Game

The Lowell Spinners are hosting Spinners Idol on Wednesday, May 7 and Thursday, May 15 at the Skybox Restaurant in Tewksbury.
The winner will have the opportunity to sing at Fenway Park before the "Futures at Fenway Game" on Saturday, August 9 and have the opportunity to perform the National Anthem prior to the 2008 Lowell Spinners opening night.
On top of both of those prizes the winner will receive complimentary studio time and a free demo tape from MusicBall Entertainment in Boston.
Additionally, all “Spinners Idol” finalists will be invited to sing the National Anthem prior to a 2008 Spinners home game.
To register for a time-slot, candidates must return the registration form posted at the Lowell Spinners website (
The first 50 registrations for each night will be given the chance to audition. Each contestant may only audition once.
At this time, there is already 30+ people registered for each night, so don't wait to register.
It is free, but the organization CAN NOT accommodate more than 50 people per night, due to time constraints.

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