Friday, June 13, 2008

WEEKEND PICK: KIDZ Bop To Perform 3 Concerts in Massachusetts

I'm a big fan of the KIDZ BOP CDs. While it is great that Fergie taught my 6-year-old daughter to spell GLAMOROUS. I didn't want her to learn some of the other words on the star's hit song. That's where KIDS BOP comes in. Kids sing hit adult songs with kid-friendly lyrics. (For those of you unaware, sometimes the songs you hear on the radio are not the same versions you get when you purchase a CD. Several radio stations run "clean" versions of hit songs as opposed to the artist's CD versions.) With KIDZ BOP CDs, both mom and daughter can listen to popular music; and I don't have to worry about the lyrics - as they are now always "G-rated." Those singing kids are on tour this summer. KIDZ BOP LIVE will perform 3 concerts in Massachusetts between June 28 and July 2. KIDZ BOP launched its first-ever tour last fall with 40 tour dates, creating an exciting concert experience for kids. The KIDZ BOP LIVE show features today’s most popular songs, sung by kids for kids live on stage. The show includes songs from the best-selling KIDZ BOP CDs, the #1 children’s audio series in the country. ( The group is on ts 14th album!
KIDZ BOP LIVE, a rock concert for kids and parents alike, features six kids who sing and dance with a live band. The entire family will be playing air guitar and enjoying themselves. KIDZ BOP LIVE is a memorable concert experience for all. Produced by Kidz Bop LLC in association with Rogar Studios Live Entertainment, KIDZ BOP LIVE is choreographed by Kishaya who has choreographed videos for Ashanti, P. Diddy and Destiny’s Child and is the winner of an MTV Video Music Award for Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl

ABOUT KIDZ BOP: Since the brand’s creation 7 years ago, KIDZ BOP has been the most popular, most recognized and most parent-friendly music product in the U.S. for kids aged 4-11, selling over 10.5 million CDs. KIDZ BOP CD titles have earned nine Gold-certified albums to date. The brand’s website, KIDZBOP.COM, has become a fast-growing online destination, where kids can create, share and watch a variety of content, including games and activities based on music and creativity.

KIDZ BOP LIVE tour dates:

28 Cohasset, South Shore Music Circus, 5 p.m., $25 per ticket
29 Hyannis, Cape Cod Melody Tent, 5 p.m., $25 per ticket

2 Beverly, North Shore Music Theatre, 6 p.m., $25 or $30 per ticket, http://www.nsmt.og/

To purchase tickets, visit or call the box office for each venue above.

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Anonymous said...

My daughters are huge fans of Kidz Bop. We must have a half dozen CDS. I just wish they were preforming a little closer to Greater Worcester. With gas prices over $4, the cape is too far to go for a concert. We are debating whether to head to the North or South Shore, as we wouldn't miss this concert. Unlike other summer concerts, I wouldn't have to worry about this one -- I anticipate it to be as kid friendly as the CDs.