Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today's PTA is Not Your Mother's...For the First-Time A Dad is the CEO!

Here's news that today's Parent Teacher Association is not your mother's PTA.

In a press release, embargoed until today, it states... "PTA EMBRACES CHANGING ROLE OF PARENTS; NAMES FIRST-EVER MALE, AFRICAN-AMERICAN CEO."

The press release continues: "Times are a-changing, as is the stereotype of the typical PTA mom. At the 112th Annual PTA National Convention & Exhibition taking place June 20-23rd in San Diego, PTA further reveals its commitment to change.
The addition of Byron V. Garrett to the national organization shows a clear sign of the times that parent involvement is changing. As PTA’s first male, African-American CEO, Mr. Garrett will begin a new chapter in the organization’s rich legacy of engaging parents, schools, legislators, and community leaders in improving children’s health, safety, and educational success.
Mr. Garrett brings a unique perspective, as well as new ideas, partners, and resources to assist with the challenges of today’s families and school communities. "

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