Friday, June 20, 2008

WEEKEND PICK: Visit the New Baby Animals At Davis' Farmland

There's a Baby Boom At Davis' Farmland. These soft and cuddly babies come in all shapes and sizes. This year's bumper crop is especially adorable. A few of our favorites are highlighted below.
* Baby Alpaca -"Cocoa" was born Sunday, April 27 and her mom's pregnancy lasted almost 1 year.
* Baby Llama-"Llama Bean" was born Tuesday, April 29, and is tallest llama ever born at Davis Farmland measuring in at 4 feet tall.
* Emu Babies- "The Brady Bunch-Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marsha, Jan & Cindy" After sitting on the eggs for a whopping 60 days, dad Ernie is pleased to debut his 6 babies at Davis Farmland.
* Miniature Sicilian Donkey- Born Tuesday, April 29, this is the first donkey born at Farmland in 10 years. After a 13 month long pregnancy, Mom Dora the donkey is proud to display him every day. Name to be determined in contest.
* St Croix Sheep triplets- "Abby Cadabby, Chatty Cathy & Mr. Wiggles" St Croix sheep are the only pure white breed of sheep and unlike other sheep, have hair instead of wool.
* Tunis Sheep Babies-"Paris & Nicole" These large, gentle sheep from Tunisia have an unusual red color.
* Nigerian Dwarf Goat Babies -Kids can walk right in and play with "Flip & Flop," Farmland's newest friendly and cuddly Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Davis' Farmland is part of a seven-generation family farm, operating in Sterling since 1846. Pet, cuddle & feed North America's largest sanctuary of endangered farm animals in Farmland's Animal Showcase. Explore and play in Imagine-Acres and cool off in Adventure Play & Spray, New England's largest, zero-depth water sprayground. It's hands on family fun! Adults are only admitted into this Children's Discovery Farm with a child 12 years or younger. For more information visit or call 978-422-MOOO (6666). Davis' Farmland is open from now through October.

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